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Mijicio the wonderful masseuse!!!

It was not that long that the incredible "Sensational Spa" had opened, and Bentlio's beautiful women began working, massaging, those tense muscles into dollar signs for his spa. His spa had saunas, a salt bath pool, a health eatery, electro therapy, acupuncture, and beautiful wild coyote music to boot.

His business was doing good, until just across the street, some mysterious man opened his own massage business. He had no building, would just spread out his wheeled stretcher table on the street, and began his routine of stealing his business in giving massages. His little radio played some soft, relaxing polka music.

Bentlio's and Wandretti stood outside of his massive massage parlor complex. "How does he do it, Wandretti. Look at him, he is actually dancing on the back of the customer now? That cannot be relaxing, and his toenails are very long. Brown fungi contaminated, untrimmed, and very long"

Wandretti puffed on her cigarette "Hard to understand how that can be comfortable. And look how his sweat is dripping all down the poor womans back... Disgusting"

Bentlio noted "But that woman continues to keep coming back. Look, now he is elbowing her on the back. He has psoriasis on his elbows. Mama my thyroiditis is flaring up just watching him steal my business away!"

Wandretti laughed "He sure cut out at least 50 % of our business. I will go over myself to get a massage from this pig, just to see what I am missing"

The next day Wandretti walked across the road to see Mijicio the masseuse. His stretcher style of bed was just sitting their on the sidewalk. She then jumped up on the table as he placed her face down. "What would you like, madame? The knot cutter, the joint sizzler, or the full meat grinder?"

Wandretti laughed, as she puffed on her cigarette that hanged from her mouth "I want the best. I assume it is the meat grinder?" With that go ahead, Mijicio jumped on top of the woman, and began to walk back and forth. His feet were soothing to her back, as he danced back and forth. He then just scratched her back lightly with his toenails, and then got down to the side. He began to elbow her like crazy, with his psoriasis scrubbing and removing her dull, dry skin from her back. His sweat fell from his forehead, as he began to karate chop her all the way up and down her back.

He then jumped up on her with his buttocks, and began to slide his buttocks up and down her back. It felt like an enormous waterbed on her back. She screamed in excitement "Every knot in my body has been released from my muscles!"  She got down and paid the man, and gave him a 100 % tip. She never felt so good in all her life. She decided never to return to her job the next morning.

Bentlio was now missing several workers at his massage parlor. He was furious! Watching Mijicio steal all his clients, and workers too!

Finally Bentlio went over to Mijicio. He cut in line to the very front, as Mijicio's customers got angry. Bentlio waved his finger that had a wart on it, in front of Mijicio "You sir, I want you to remove your busker massage table away from my business, immediately! Or I will do it myself".

Immediately Mijicio sucked on Bentlios finger, as he had no teeth in his mouth. His gums were soothing, and Bentlio was surprised by his actions. Mijicio busted the wart between the wall of his mouth and his tongue, as Bentlio could feel the soothing squeeze. Mijicio sucked the blood from it, several liters. He nearly fainted.

He pushed Bentlio on the massage table, and rolled his buttocks up and down his back! Bentlio yelled "Your buttocks, they are like two big mounds of whipped cream! I feel so relaxed"  But, he only could remember the money he was loosing from this guy...

Bentlio slid from under his masseuses grasp, and tied his rival to the stretcher. He then gave the stretcher a big kick, as it began to roll down a hill at tremendous speed. All of his followers tried to save him...

But poor Mijicio and his stretcher rolled into a ramp, where he flew into a wild rodeo event with large bulls, that smashed and whipped poor Mijicio around until he had to go to the hospital, a few broken bones, he had to eventually get some massages as prescribed by the doctor...


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