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Interviewed on two sites, while having an honest review on a third site! The end is a calling!

It was truly great for these people to give me the opportunity to have a chance to get out into the internet wilderness and be seen. Two interviews on two spectacular sites, with huge amounts of traffic. Much more than the daily amount on here, as one site garnered 400 to 500 hits a day. The third was another honest review of my book, which garnered a 3 on 5 star. This was for Part 3 alone, as I wanted a test on how well it did, when someone did not have the knowledge about what happened in Part 1 or Part 2. From what I gained from the result, the reviewer said somewhat that reading Part 1 and 2 would have probably produced a stronger result for the books rating, so this was not bad, as it did achieve a warm review.

As far as sales go, I did not obtain one sale from all this process. Now, I have maybe another review in the future, but I am doubtful this will produce any significant results. I was surprised to hear from some people, that my cover did in fact lack the luster that was required to sell a book. When first starting this process, it was a stronger feeling in receiving feedback at that time that the book covers were indeed satisfactory. If not super. But, I can understand that the feelings are mixed over any book cover that exists out there, no matter whose work it is.

This all leads to one road, to give up the creative road of writing and head into another direction. The fire did not catch in the hearts and minds of the young adult movement, as my book was overlooked by the many, but somehow admired by a few. Self publishing is a hard go, and having to blog everyday to achieve significant results is very time consuming. Social media is only good, in my opinion, if you have over 50000 followers or more. When I seen other peoples blog site links, I did admire their few 100 status. Here, I have 8 people that have joined this site, which took me 3 years to build up to that point. That is just too long of a time to pick up a following, thus strengthening the resolve of a failed adventure.

I also joined a few book sites, and the last two produced only the same affect as the last two I had joined. They had no affect whatsoever, as many on the sites would just pass over my mass e mails and links to my blog site en mass. It was as if I was a ghost, on all these sites, and had to work hard just to receive any attention at all.

I have always heard negative effects on using certain avenues of PR, and during all this time, the social media was the only links that I had used over 3 years of time. I probably did use social media wrong, but a good deal of time, I did use it right, only to entertain, and even when I did use it right, I made zero gains. Either a factor of being too drag online, or not offering enough spice to my blogs. This will always be an interesting point for me.

The books have not produced sales, and therefore Part 4 will not be released this year, only pending a miracle.

If anything I can give advice to self publishing authors, is to have lots of free book contests. This is something I should have done with Part 1, but did not know anything about the way things worked at first. With Part 3, I did many book contests, and achieved many future sales... But, these future sales may come 5, or 30 years down the road. People have 100s or 1000s of books ahead of mine to read... These are sales that may also, never come.  Reviews have been a hard time coming also, so I suspect the book did not achieve the benchmark that I had originally set out to produce.

Unless I change my strategy somehow in a huge way, I am just about to throw in the white flag. Till next time...


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