Guy from PI invited me to live there, and become big!

A guy from the Philippines invited me to move there! Read my books, to people who really believe everyone is a star! He said there was some local musical acts from the 60's and 70's who were big stars, that are still big stars in the Philippines... He told me, I could be a big star too!!!

Well, I intend to go there now... As the USA and Canada has rejected my books, maybe a warm heart and a big pot of hotdog stirfry, may just hit the spot...

I can see it all now. Heading to the shore, in my little pump boat, singing "she wore an itsy, tiny, polka dot bikini", while candles float on lillipads on the water in the moonlight air.

Then, the crowd dispersed wide and in thick throngs on the beach, with their banana slides, sliding right into the water.

From there, with my Megaphone, I will read them Part 1, as I swig down bubblegum flavored lambanog, and read my book during an audio event that maybe broadcast on the National Philippino TV!

If they elect me as mayor of an Island, it would also be a great thing! If they put up a statue of me in Manila, then I would very happy! If they allow me to set up my opera puppet play of my book in their National theatre, that may be enough...

I am asking for too much again...I got to stop acting like one of the characters in my book... I better just settle for a nice kong pong chicken dinner..


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