Frisbee an Olympic sport?

The International Olympic Committee was hearing deliberations on making "Frisbee" an Olympic sport. International Frisbee champion, nicknamed the human "GPS" for his uncanny ability to catch a Frisbee anywhere within a hundred feet from him when using the toilet, stood on the committee to get Frisbee as a Gold Olympic sport.

He stood up and gave an enormous preamble to make Frisbee that great sport that everyone wants it to be:

"I catch a Frisbee in my teeth. I can catch it with my feet. I can even catch it between my crutch! Frisbee is the future of the Summer Olympics! That nice little plastic plate is just more than some unidentified flying object that some just had placed on You Tube to make a few ten hits.... No, Frisbee is a great hat. It is a great plate, when you are lost a thousand miles in the woods. It is great when you got a little smiley face on it, and it refuses to get sad when you are down and out on drugs!".

He slammed his fist on the desk, in immediate disapproval of his Olympic lawyers and Frisbee team. He was really getting passionate, now...

"When I was a kid, my dad used to toss me old hubcaps off of old cars... Hubcaps he stole off of vehicles to feed our family... Then, when the frigging chrome rims appeared, it was the end of caviar and filet mignon steaks, that our family relished every night except for a crab sandwich Sunday wild event! But, it was not just catching the odd frozen T bone steak, that kept us alive.. No, all that catching those great T Bones in the air 50 feet from Daddies freezer sure helped me find my tow path in life! A frisbee catcher! When I seen that poor old, destitute chiwawa hound dog not been able to carry her 50 lb frisbee around the circus act that night in Toledo, I said, wait a minute... I can do that.. I used to catch hubcaps, and man, they are sure heavy, especially if they are all pimped up!  So I joined the circus, catching Frisbees.. Until I became so good, that the owner came after me with a shotgun for leaving his act, for to join the international Frisbee competition in Jacksonville, Florida. The night before the competition, he got hit with a sharp flying plate looking object, that tore off his head. Today, it still remains a mystery on who killed him.. Getting back to the competition... There, I won the competition, beating the Cuban record holder for catching the most Frisbees in the air between the crotch as what was never accomplished by a mortal man, ever again. 50!"

He blew some snot into a hankerchief, and sobbed "Dad seen me win that competition, just before he ran off with a new Jezebel down the street! At least I did him proud! Now, please Olympic committee, do me proud! Bring Frisbee into the Olympics, before I am 98 years old and unable to ever compete again!"

Sign the petition now! Frisbee, for the Olympics! Help out poor "GPS" gain his dream come true, of obtaining Gold!!!


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