Was sick again last week!

I got hit with a big flue again last week! It stopped me from enjoying a total week of pretty nice weather, and some work too! Seems like I am losing out again on all the fun. I hit the Vitamin C and Garlic sandwiches pretty heavy... Oh, no, not garlic sandwiches, you say! No, but I did steep some water in garlic. I will  try anything to hit a cold hard in its tracks. Just that the stuff probably didn't work all that much for me at any rate. Allot of people had this flue over the past 2 weeks or so... It was a tough one to shake off..

I had to see the doctor on two occasions. First, for some cortisoids and cough syrup. I did take my puffers as usual, but I do not find they help me all that much.

My coughing has subsided quite a bit, but even the medication left a large amount of pressure on my cranium and a little bit of nausea.

As far as doing anything at all last week- even this blog- Took a back seat to my cold. The heat from sweating, joints sore for some unknown reason or other, coughing the veto 60, all stopped me from advertising and doing any promotional stuff of any kind...

I may look into alternative treatments for my asthma bronchitis affair. Reiki, maybe? If I can find the reactions to what I have, and eliminate them, then it maybe worth a try...

In two weeks, my books first pass should be arriving. Then, the end of July, the book cover should be here.

Till next time...


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