The Apple I gadget what cha mack all it?

I bought the other half a apple I Pod the other day. I was quite surprised with its functions. It can take pictures. Something I did not know. It can use google maps with the GPS function, I think. You can even browse online with it, if you got a wi fi connection. Seriously, who needs a phone with a contract if you can get Wi Fi all over the place.

What a handy dandy little gadget. Touchscreen and all. The only thing it does not have is the phone contract. Well, might as well just surf to Skype. Some internet online chat provider will be happy to make your connection through your I pod, I am sure.

As far as the book business is concerned, not much has transpired. Like business as usual, but the business in the book world revolves ever so slowly for this dude. Not much new on the horizon, only that in July I will be receiving the book cover draft, and the first pass. I think as long as the flow is good, and understood in direction where I am heading with the thought process in the book, everything will be very fast. I may add a few tid bits, to make the book better. Then again, if it drags it down, I may not.

Strange how you can think of things to continually add to a work, even after a month or so over time. You wonder if you made the impression, or if the added material may only damage the overtones. Well, the first pass will make me decide how eager I am to change the feeling of the work. Only a few sentences, nothing major at this stage in the game.

Till next time..


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