Plant a tree and save the planet.

I remember in the 80s back in boy scouts, we planted trees in some fields and even went door to door to give out some saplings. If I remember correctly, we would plant them in peoples yards, a long way back. I thought somewhere it said that the smallest of trees are great CO2 absorbers. One of the gases blamed for global warming.

Global warming has been a neutral issue with me, personally. I do believe that our activity on earth is probably contributing to it, but I also believe that we are only accelerating a process that will eventually happen anyways. I do believe that Canada has done a great job in many areas of combating global warming, with the installation of wind farms across the country and such. Many countries have reduced their CO2 footprint, but where developing countries such as China where coal fired plants are popping up everywhere, it is a hard battle line to take. There must be a way to get developing countries off of CO2 increasing emissions. I know here in New Brunswick, many of its oil fired plants have already been retired. Do I believe we can reduce CO2 completely. Not for many years, no. It is just that it is a most reliable source of energy, and it is needed in a % quantity to stabilize the grid. Too much wind power will lead to lights on lights off as the wind fluctuates. You need stability in the mix. We just need to minimize CO2 emissions at a tolerable level.

But, a great way to deal with it is to plant trees, and protect forests. Reforest where forests have been cut for firewood, paper, or furniture. I would like to see another tree planting program in force by governments throughout the world. Get out the high school kids to plant trees. They cool the planet, and remove CO2!

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