Huge Lobster catches this year in New Brunswick!

There have been some great lobster catches here in New Brunswick. So many, that allot of fishermen hauled up their traps early in the season here in the North Shore. The season starts near the lower part of the province in the next little while, near Shediac, the lobster capital of the world!

This is a problem for the supply and demand situation. The large amounts of lobsters caught, will result in lower prices for the upcoming year ahead. Especially when Maine floods the market here at times with their own lobster, processors take the cheaper USA lobster over our own fishermans lobster. And they say that the lobster season is much longer in Maine than in this area.

I remember a time when the lobsters were scarce, when the prices were high, and you would be lucky to get a mess of lobster come near the end of the season. This is not the case as it stands right now. I think better conservation practices, have turned the tide to create an over abundance once again. The lobsters they throw back are larger than years gone by.

How do you fix this problem. Easy. Market the lobster, to Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy, or where ever. Get good salesmen. It has to be done early, when the season starts. If you are late, just start right now. You will never find as good as seafood as caught right here in the Atlantic Provinces. I know the King Crab is already shipped in huge amounts to Japan and all over the world.

No news on the book front.. Till next time...


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