Found a crib that was real wood in Moncton

Real wood, with no smelly paint. Finally found a crib in Moncton, NB that was from AP furniture. Young America had cribs for sale as well. These cribs ranged in price from 1000 to 1400. It was nice to find one without any smell, and made out of real wood.

Allot of cribs are made out of press wood, that can give off fumes for a good while. I would not worry if you buy your crib early, and the smell will pass off its chemicals over a few months time. Even so, I know what everyone else is thinking, and I can reason well with people who do not go for natural products. It is a rare low % rate that a babies growth or development will be affected by the scent of a crib. True enough, there are plenty of harmful toxins all around us, and some of it is invisible.

I believe we can handle a certain amount of these toxins, as long as we are not over exposed. Just that our crib, for some reason or other, smelled strong. I am not sure if it was the color of the varnish, or if it was the country it was produced (outside of the USA and Canada), but the smell eventually enveloped the room within a day or so. A rep said it would take maybe 6 months for the smell to air out.

Well, back to the book business. I get e mails from my publisher on tips on what to do next, such as radio advertising, and such. Book signings. Seminars. Hum. Around here?  Not very likely. Too small of an area. No doubt if I lived in NYC, things would be easier. Not for this cat.

Till next time....


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