Decided to join Facebook.

I decided to join Facebook a little while back now. This was the result of trying to get a little more of a social vibe out and about. Twitter seemed to be more of a place to find salespeople selling their stuff (not much unlike what I was doing), but you could meet some fantastic people on there too! Facebook seems to link up more with people I have not probably seen for many years.

I did find it strange how a social networking site wanted to know your birthday, and such. That is the thing I liked the most about twitter. You just needed a name, and a password to get in. I do not think it is a good idea to put all of that information on a site, but many people put that and much more on there.

I still prefer twitter over facebook, for now. It is probably because I love its format, and its ease of use. I find  facebook so far has a bulkiness to it. It appears awkward, but maybe after I experiment with it I may come to enjoy its features much more later on.

Just that I done some searching for book clubs and what not, and could not really find much on the facebook search engine. Maybe it is me being cumbersome, not putting in the key words for the search. With twitter I can really focus on a search just by typing in the genre of book i write, and it will take me to people who are conversing about it. Twitter does have some amazing strengths...

I will have to keep experimenting with Facebook to see what it can do for me... Till next time...


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