Analyzing the three covers. Bringing in the links.

The three covers for this book series grew from each other, and helped the other get a little grandeur, as time went by. If you scroll down far enough, you will see the two books in the mid bottom right corner of this blog. The third part is just two slides down from here.

First the main characters garb never really changes. The orange hat, the yellow shirt and the green pants. He looks childish, immature in nature. Thus, this really explains his true character quite a bit, in the three books.

 In the first book, he brings his team along for the eventful voyage, right into Part 3. Just like what is portrayed in the cover on Part 1 as well. The innocence of this book cover is essential, just as we all depart from childhood into our busy affairs or struggles in life.

Part two shows the conflict which is happening where things all started for these two men. The two CEOs, brought to the brink, out of their cushy leather reclining chairs from the safety of their boardrooms, into really taking their affairs into their hands. With the villains henchmen failing to rid himself of the competition, he must rely on himself in the end. Harold not getting any help from the authorities, must take actions into his own hands as well. Jon Acadou is there battling it out with Harold, with two mega french bread sticks battling into each other. The smoke filled room, the evil eyes in the background, do represent things that may go a little too far.

Part 3 links up as Jon Acadou, the old villain, needing Harolds help (the hero) in battling the new and possibly improved villain, Edmund (the musclebound world domination freak, thereby the title Dominium comes out).  Once again, all these covers link it all together by involving the characters in each book by placing them on the book cover. The soft rolling cloud on each cover is also a signature in each book cover.

But the main character is always on the cover page, just as in many styles of book covers out there.

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