Time to put a video on, U tube!!!

After much dismal book sales, and the delay in the release of the zero anticipated "Supermarketdominium" ( that is a joke too), I need to put up a U tube video!

My dog, Pushkin will star in it. I need to write a script, for him ( er her) to read, and to try to get her some classes in acting, before actually pursuing her to take the bite into her long awaited U Tube acting career.

Sure I spelled U tube wrong, it was done purposely for all you Amy Peohler and Tina Feye fans! They just gave some impressive advice to Taylor Swift who took it the wrong way. I am sure they will get back together and hug, real soon!

Yes, my first ever U Tube video! I cannot wait to get the Supermarket Guy channel up and running. It needs to have some style, and take U Tube to the edge!

I am sure my Dog will want a hefty contract, for starring in my video. More walks, more treats, whatever it takes to get her to focus off of the milk man and to get her into acting!

Till next time, see you on You Tube!!


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