Taxing bank accounts in Greece?

This is the first time I have ever heard of this. Taxing bank accounts. In Greece, it is what the government would like to do in order to raise some cash for a country in huge debt. Here is a link to the story on the CBC website:

I know many older people used to worry about having too much money in their bank accounts. Since I grew up with allot of seniors in my area, when at tables eating and talking the talk, they would say that the governments know how much we have in the bank. They would be worried that the governments may cut certain funding to them, as a result.

I never believed this, as I always believed that the banks were not allowed to give information to the governments. Unless, a court proceeding, or a tax fraud, or some injustice had occurred. I still believe this to this day, that the banks do not give information freely to governments in power on deposits on certain age groups or individuals.

What Greece wants to do, is to tax people above 26 000 dollars a 6.75 % tax up to 132 000 dollars. Above the upper amount, they want to tax 9.9 %. Banks are afraid on a run on them, where people will withdraw their money in droves. The government will raise 5.8 billion dollars in approximate revenue. They need this much needed cash, or they may fall into bankruptcy.

This is probably the greatest reason why banks should not have sole deposit rights. Money must always be free. So that a person can decide whether to place in gold, silver, or even cash. Cash is a freedom, and as we know, it cannot be traced electronically.

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