Supermarket Dominium coming along fine. The element of bragging!

Supermarket Dominium is coming along just fine. It will be approximately the same length or longer than Part 2.

There are some paragraphs where just as of late, I let them get a little dry. I stopped, and wondered if I had to add humor to each and every paragraph in there. Of course, this is just the final touch ups, that I am working at now. The first 100 pages or so, are really a staple to my first two books. Crazy humor, and it is all over the place. It is unpredictable, and you do not really know which angle I am going to come at you next. This is the polishing work, to get it to the editor before publication in a more than likely, E Book genre. As discussed earlier, the paperback version costs currently are not in the cards, do to low sales.

This is what happens when you have two big CEOs high on themselves. I put the bragging pill in their mouths. As we all know from the first two books, Harold the main character, likes to brag quite a bit. But, this is the story really true?  The stories he spins,  or are they just pure imagination spun to make him look good. This was a major thrust, to my first two books.

We all known braggers in our lives. We heard the story being told, and as we walked away we wondered if it was true or not. Just some stories told by some people leave us questioning the validity of them. I am sure you, yourself, have run into a bragger in your lifetime also. I personally love braggers, as they do put more of a bit of spice into life. It makes for an entertaining time, when you do meet one. I think it is a quite rare event to meet a bragger.

This Part 3, I guarantee, will live up to the first Parts of 1 and 2. No question. With an average of 4.11 stars on 5 for my Part 2, and a big 4.67 stars on 5 for Part 1 (On Goodreads ranks), this book will not disappoint the humor community.

Will work a bit at it today, but my true work schedule will get in the way of it again. It is unfortunate that this could not be my one and only job.. Oh well.. That is the way she goes.

Till next time... Working on Supermarket Dominium...


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