Social media sites and your writings.

We are all hooked up to some sort of social media site. Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to name a few.

Some people use these sites for to keep up with friends. Others, for their businesses, or to advertise them. We all have reasons for being on there.

And we can all say things sometimes that can get out of hand. We are not perfect. It is when, others take these things in a different manner than what we meant to place up on these social media sites. Photos, rash opinions, and even humor.

This was worse a long time ago, in the wild west of the social media sites in the 90 s. I remember Mirc, where as young at heart we would sometimes say things more out of the way than today. This was when social media first hit the screens. ICQ was a great social engine, as well.

At work, a few of my colleagues got reprimanded for saying things about work. On Facebook. Others got dinged for internet usage time, at work.  Even some job recruiters, look at the profiles on these social engines to determine your suitability for work....

These sites, and even search engines, profile you and match you up to your likes and dislikes. This is why I was surprised to see at my right hand corner from my search engine, allot of advertising done for things I was searching for on the internet. So just imagine social media sites,  the power held within its byte doors.

I heard some sites take your pictures as their own property. Is this true, the pictures you post, are not yours anymore once posted?  You could advertise ahead you are going for a walk down a certain trail, and may meet someone you never expected.  You could allow a trend to develop in your life, that you post, right there for anyone to see.

Happy birthday on Facebook?  Did you post it? Private information no more. Are your settings private? Did you ask permission to post someones picture, information, on these sites???

It is a new world from even the 90s, when people were afraid to even post their pictures on the internet. Now, we know this is done even without our knowledge.

I think in the future, we will need more security features to our own personal info than just birth date, mothers maiden name, and even when we log onto a site to access our government information.

We can breath a sigh of relief, when only a slight percentage of peoples identity is stolen. 2 % or so in the USA?

No news on the book front, till next time.....


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