Reviewed 1/ 3rd of Supermarket Dominium

Reviewed agian 1/3 rd of Supermarket Dominium. This will be a 210 to a 230 page paperback book, much the same length as Part 2 : Rise of the Market Overlord.

It is another showdown of the giants, only this time things are going quite on a global scale. Destruction of the planet could be also at hand. I should not give out too many details. Not that I probably will sell any huge amount (laughing out loud).

I drew out a rough sketch of the cover. I will try to work on it today if I got the time, and put it on this website for a preview.

It does really appear that it will be offered in only E book version of some sort. I am not sure whether to go with just the kindle, I book, nook, kobe, or a variation of some.

There are some benefits in just going with the kindle version, alone. Every 90 days, I can leave the book go free at times for free viewing, and even get paid for it (from what I understand) from Kindle Direct. But it is better to go on the site to read the information for yourselves. Only, is the exclusivity of it, that I cannot publish with other companies for a time period if I do the free kindle book option.

But, I am not there yet. I probably have another 2 to 3 weeks to go, as my real job does interfere with getting this Part 3 done. Then to find an good editor nearby. I hope I can find one that is good. I know no one, so the yellow pages may come in handy.

Have a good afternoon, till next time...


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