My You Tube video success!!!

Well, to date, on my channel I have placed 3 You tube videos up on there! I must say they lack somewhat of the fireworks on the dramatics, but I think people can get the point of what it is all about.

This was all just a test, to see how well the videos would do over time. The first two videos with the dog, had probably 8 to 18 views. My last video of the beer bottle puppets, had only 9 views!

In one video, the dog loves to roll in the snow. She is a snow roller. She does this all the time, when outside. She is addicted to rolling in the snow. She cannot stop. I can only coax her into the house afterwords.

In the other video with the dog, he is pitching my book. I figured, a dog can come across as a great communicator to the world! She is a very patient, calm, hound and is perfectly suited for filming stuff like this.

The beer bottle puppets represented the characters in one scene in Chapter 9 of the book. It is a very funny scene, as the old lady continues to test food down the aisle until old Harry takes care of it. He is rewarded with her falsies, which the old lady forgot and left behind, as a trophy.

The other funny part, is that they did not rush to return the falsies to the old lady. The three men just were glad that she stopped tearing apart the packaging to the goods, in her journey of taste testing.

That was only approximately 2 and a half pages of material for that Audio clip from my books pages. It lasted probably 6 minutes, of time.

It is hard to think of different ways to transmit a good You tube video of my book trailer on the net. Maybe later on, a better idea may come into view. For now, that maybe all for the videos...

Till next time..


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