More correcting on Part 3.

Corrected quite a bit of Part 3, Supermarket Dominium, today.

I got through about to around page 15. I added allot of humor, and was glad to review it again. It is developing into a much more powerful humor punch, all the way around. This will be comparable to Part 1 again, but not sure if it is as strong. It sure is crazy though!

Besides that, no other news. It will take some time to get this done. Then to find a editor here in my area.

I must look for an English teacher, journalist, or a drunken sea sailor to get the grammer done! Grammar that is...

Something will come along, I hope. Just doing it online like I used to, took up allot of time and resources. This time, I will try to do it local before sending it in for an E Book version.

As for which E book company to go with, it is a difficult decision to be had. If the editing here is cheap, I may actually produce the book in paperback as well. We will see what the cost will be, and the negotiations to be had.

The most difficult part, is tuning the book to fancy the publishers template. That is the toughest task, when the editing is not done by the publishing company.

Till next time..


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