Looking for a home for "SupermarketDominium"

Part III,  Supermarket Dominium.  The 3rd installment of "The Supermarket Guy".

I am currently looking for a home for it. And that home, is in an E book version.

Which one to choose? There are so many,  and many of the good ones like Smashwords, Amazon Kindle Direct, Book Baby, Lulu, and the list goes on and on... Seems to be pretty fair.  Only that Kindle direct is just for the kindle alone, while Smashwords is for Nook, Apple, but no kindle. Some people do the Smashwords and the Kindle Direct together.. Some E Book publishers do both the kindle, nook, and apple I Book formats.

Why choose the E Book version?  Lower cost. My original two books did not sell enough, to give me a sound decision to produce Part 3 in the Paperback version.

Also, with 10s of thousands of books produced each month, there is an infinitesimal small chance that my books would succeed. It is just the true reality of the game....

So, in order to satisfy my thirst for to get Part 3 published, to have a fair price at an E book, it just has to be done in E book fashion.

And, since costs are extremely low for E book production, Part 4 could be a reality next year.

I must continue to research, and check out which site offers the best avenue for my writings, and also for future dealings....

A Part 5 could be on the burner in two years, if time permits..

Till next time...


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