It is because you made it.

The other day, I was looking at a painting that I had got from my relative. I found his artwork very nice, and I hung it on the wall. I remember him warning me that it had imperfections, and how he laughed about it somewhat.

Personally, I did not see the imperfections as imperfections, but rather as a staple of his works. I mean this in a good way. I have imperfections in my books as well. Just that I take them to be a staple of my works. It maybe in the way of my grammar, my way of speech, or whatever. It is unique, and it what makes us or our works truly unique. And it is what makes us special.

That is just the way it goes for me. When people bring their works over, whether it be books or artwork, if the creator thinks they may have a blemish or a certain default to their style, I take it as a certain brushstroke to a creation.

When I read through my books, there are certain elements to it where an author sits there and contemplates the direction and strength of the writings. But, when the product has been reviewed so many times, it leaves great room for the reader and critic alike to pick it apart, or to praise it up despite certain aspects of it.

This is what makes creating something, whether from woodworking, sculpturing, or manufacturing cars, a most interesting time for when it is first released. Imperfections, if able to find any, sometimes allot, are a staple of the creator and it does tell a little bit about us all..

I want to wish everyone a very, peaceful, and happy Easter weekend!!!

Have to go, till next time...


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