Have been away for awhile.

A trip to the hospital kept me away from this blog for a good while.

A year and a half ago, we lost a baby. It was a tough and challenging time for the family. Depression can set in, and you go through the toughest times in thinking in each and every direction of the reason why. Allot of families, surprisingly go through it. I could not believe the people that came up to me, and told me they went through the same thing. Friends that I had never suspected that had gone through something like that. It is something that no family ever forgets, and you always remember it deep down inside.

Today, my wife gave birth to a son. He is in good health, and has the same hair color as me. The clouds have finally disappeared from the sky, and the blue skies have now appeared. Light has come into our lives again.

This is just a message for people going through difficult times. You can get through them, and things will turn around some day. Keep believing, working, and good things are bound to happen.

Time is a journey, that will take you through hills and valleys, and it is well worth going down the road to see just what is waiting for you around the next turn. Just make sure you never give up. Keep working through the difficulties, and you will arrive at your destination someday. Maybe in a different way than you ever thought of.

Have a great day, till next time..


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