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A babies weight will fluctuate during first few days

In bringing the toddler home,  the babies weight had dropped approximately 6 % from its birth weight. This was 3 days after leaving the hospital.

They doctors and nurses say that this is due to the IV being hooked up to the mother for a long period of time. And how it can actually boost the weight of the baby during the period the mother is hooked up to it. Also, the fact that the mother has a hard time to produce the essential milk necessary for the first few days of the babies life.

There was a threshold for weight loss on the baby. If it was more than 10 %, the baby would have stayed at the hospital for to be monitored more closely. It does happen, especially if the mother cannot produce breast milk at a significant rate.

After the first 24 hours had transpired, I watched the difficulty my child had in latching on to the breast. I asked about a breast pump. Later that same day, they rolled out the breast pump. This caused for to fill a small 150 ml bottle. We then filled a syringe. The opened end of it was then fed through to a tube, taped to my wifes finger. I slowly pumped down the syringe feeding breast milk into the newborns mouth.

Tests were done for Jaundice. The skin color can change to yellow, if the nutrients are not getting to the baby fast enough. Some mothers cannot breast feed, and require to use formula.

In my generation, formula was the way to go. Easy, simple, and fast. Only thing is that the medical companies that produce the formula cannot mimic the mothers milk. The mothers milk is totally compatible to the needs of the baby, the reason why the hospitals rather you breast feed if you can. It is exposed to build their immune systems up, against disease much better than formula can.

Below is a good site to show some averages on babies breast milk intake per day.

We have a breast pump with a ml reading on the side, and time the feedings and mark them down to see how well he is coming along. When the wife breastfeeds, we estimate it at a certain amount, but there is no way of knowing how well that session is going. At first, the wife did try to breastfeed all the time. This was an exhausting process for her, as it sometimes took between 1.5 hrs at each feed. When spending this much time per feed, there was not much time for sleep or anything else. As feedings are approximately 7 to 8 per day, depending on your babies hunger cycle.

Some women can breast feed, without probably going through such a high time at the session. They are lucky. They are producing lots of milk at a high volume flow rate.

At this time, I purchased an electric breast milk pump. The manual one, does work just fine though, and then wondered if it was such a good idea. It is battery operated, and you can purchase one with double breast feature!!!

The baby did gain some weight back during our last updated visit to the hospital.

Well, that is it for now for the baby news.. Till next time..


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