99 dollars for internet, tv, and cable!!1

A representative from a telephone, internet, and tv company came around the past weekend to sell me a deal!

What a steal it was! Cable, internet, tv for 99 dollars for 6 months. Then to give me a 300 dollar visa! I was some busy that day, and could not get into the details. I told the young man that I would think it over, and did not have time to discuss it at the moment.

A few days after, a phone call came in. A lady on the phone said they wanted to set up a date to hook up my new cable, tv, and internet deal for 99 dollars.  I said, whoa there, whoa... whoa.. I did not agree to this deal, I said that I was going to think about it...

The lady on the phone said, I would have to call such and such a number to cancel it. That, it was all a go.

I was mad on the phone, and expressed it. Having to call another number, then press this, press that, to get to another human to cancel something I never ordered. I was irate.

It was a great deal. Just that there were three other companies offering great deals at the time.  Good thing I waited, as I decided to go with another company that gave me an even better deal.

I was disappointed at first, to have cancelled the deal. I thought to myself, I probably really lost money this time. But, as fate would have it,  it worked out just about even in the end with the other companies offer..

Just goes to show, that somewhere, sometime, a better deal just may come along someday.

Patience is a virtue, so they old saying goes...  Till next time...


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