To Blog, Draw, or put up some Dog Video?

Recently I have been having some thoughts about this blog. What can be next, for it, and what is the best direction to take it in.

I know allot of my friends said I should just continue blogging, or writing, typing, any or other ordinary or out of the ordinary events that pop up. Another part of me would like to continue with the cartoons, but I did not receive as many hits as when writing on here. People drive, our decisions in life when we are creating stuff. That is truly the bottom line. The cartoons on this site (approximately 100 slides to look through) carries the story from the back to the front, and is an insightful look into what could have been way back in the early 90s if this cartoon was picked up by a syndicate. If that was the case, this cartoon would have had 10s of thousand of slides.  I guess they knew what they were doing to reject it, thus far. It was a cartoon that was not probably acceptable for a news paper.

Or, I could go another 180 degrees into another realm. Start videoing things, around here, and pasting it to the blog windows. My dog is very movie friendly, and she could star in allot of these videos. Even maybe upload them to You Tube, to see what result can be obtained on here.

Personally, I found my cartoons were mostly crazy works, with the two characters somewhat mimicking or morphing the main character of my "Supermarket Guy" book series. Brash, brazen, full of thinking they know it all, ready to take on the world without realizing the severity of the positions that they are in. But, they get through it all somehow by luck or by some small inkling of knowledge of their surrounding activities. I know there are other works out there similar to this kind of plot, but I think everyone has their distinction.

I leave it up to you, the viewer to decide what is next for me. If you would be so kind to leave me a message, I can do one of the three things on this blog:

1. Continue with the "Non Existables" cartooning.

2. Write about daily affairs, sometimes serious matters, just life in General and maybe the bookworld too!

3. Post some videos of this surrounding area!

I leave it up to the viewer. It is like owning PBR. Playback, rewind!


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