Part 32 A: The gang parties through the night...

The Gang partied on throughout the night, right until the morning broke. Beerthovens wife insisted on him not to touch the tuning of the guitar, as it would be present to him on stage to sing his would be new hit song "Goats Milk". In striking the chords in one motion, it would register with a precision listening device geared to pull a trigger of a gun set to the center of the stage. Acousticman and his wife would inherit millions, as the precision listening device would self destruct thereafter. The blame could be laid, at the Goat farmers feet.

The two heroes had decided, on what they were going to do that afternoon when headed to the Madison Square Gardens. They would take their bazooka with them, and learn this Goat farmer a lesson he would never forget. In taking their precision laser guided bazooka, they would light up his barn like fireworks on the fourth of July. Then they would probably flip him the bird. It would make him so scared, as to never threaten the singer again, so he could do just as what the Master Blaster had planned in 2032. To make that hit song, that would guarantee world peace for several years afterwords.

The afternoon came, it was time to get up... Face the music...


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