Are you a cog in the wheel?

Are you a cog in the wheel?  Are you a tooth in the gear?  Do you make things, happen, or help to make them happen.

There are allot of people that can do some quite, magical things. They are what I call uniters, balancers, or sparks.

Uniters bring people together. They bring people who have ideas, that can produce an end product. Balancers tend to keep things balanced, making sure that things run efficiently and smoothly. Sparks are those who have the ideas that may come to the meeting of the united.

I would say I used to be a uniter. Now, I function as a balancer.

Spark, maybe through my books.

What are you. A balancer, a uniter, or a spark?  I bet you are all three, in one form or another. I remember being a uniter when asking the guys over to play a board game in my early teens. I remember being a balancer at work, getting things efficiently done. A spark, well, the books.. Like that.. Just like that..

No news on the books, till next time..


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