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Part 7A: Eventually, you will get there!!!

Pausing for real lifes unexpected inconveniences...

Have been away from this blog for a bit. Nothing urgent, or no broken bones yet. Thank heavens. But, it happens to us all. A water pipe breaks in the house, your car won't start while in town, or your one of your relatives has problems. Then you go to help them out.

My fathers sewerage line froze, at least we think it did, over the last few days of the cold spell we had in this minus 30 to 40 C weather. It is milder now, and we intend to push steam up the pipe, to melt it all out. We hope that is all it really is. Temporary toilets were put upstairs. We have this huge toilet portapotti set up upstairs in a room. It can last approximately a week, before it needs to be flushed. Maybe down my toilet, if we cannot get theirs up and running. Very inconvenient, but these things happen from time to time.

I will try to get a cartoon up and running this evening. A reminder, that these cartoons are drawn completely on the first try. There is no first, or second drafts!!! I am not trying to…

Part 6A: When lost at sea, do not show you are scared!

Part 5A: We must focus on the job ahead of us!!!

Part 4A: Time to call the dolphin in! Stedolph!!!

Part 3A: I am sure we all heard Beerthovens music!!!

Part 2A- New Mission not to save the planet?

Part 1A: Beer today, gone tomorrow!!!

Part 41: Love takes a back seat to the worlds problems.

Part 40: Peace has come to the lands again!

Part 39: They send the Amir back via Air Rocketania!

Part 38: Gold or friends will not save evil on the day of Wrath!

Part 37: A good shooter can hit the narrow side of a barn!!!

Part 36: Everybody has a weakness!!!

Part 35: There is no escaping now!

Part 30: Done asking politely, just hand over your weapons!

Part 29: You spin me right round, baby right round (Dead or Alive).

Part 28: Care not to insult the elite of the elitist!

Part 27: But is it rent to own?

Part 26: Weapons should be just laying around there anywhere!

Part 25: Other super heroes do not want to take all of the glory from their counterparts!

Part 23: Stealth is essential, and you never know who you are going to meet!

Part 22: Even animals deserve a reward for bravery in the line of fire!

Part 21: Directions mean everything in life!!!

Part 20: Retribution, but, where is the Princess to rescue?

Part 19: Who tied those bloody freaking anchors together, anyways?

Part 18: Exposing your body parts can engulf rage in their beautiful hearts. Do not try this at home!

Part 18: The General decides his laser guided weapons can handle the job!

Part 17: Can the heroes survive the barrage?

Part 16: Hitch a ride to a dolphin on steroids??

Part 15: A bullet may crack 2 inch steel hull of a ship?

Part 14: Its Alive? Its Alive?

Part 13: Tying their anchors together? Is this a plan?

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Part 12: A ten on ten dive? Sure he can drink beer, but can he swim?

Part 11: Help can be delivered in painful ways!!!

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The Nonexistables origins.

The Nonexistables were actually at one time, called, "The Wise Ones" and they paraded through the Persian Gulf, seeking justice and living on a moderate salary if any, just taking nothing but the satisfaction of being heroes after every job was accomplished.

These two characters were drawn out in my grade 9 class. Then, after my drawing skills got better over time (now they are rusty, i must admit), I sent it out to the Los Angeles syndicate for to try to get a spot in a newspaper.

At the time, they were too radical, too out of place with the days comics. And, with thousands of entries per month, it did not look like my cartoon was going to go anywhere.

Remember that these comics below follow each other in unison. Bottom to the top. Also remember that these comic strips are first strike only. Means, that it has to be major errors for me to correct them. I just go with a liquid pen, and hope for the best. I do not lightly draw, then draw over my light drawings with a pen aga…

Ripped hair from Gaudrats beard? The proof of spies!

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Gaudrats beard is dismembered!

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Part 8: Resistance maybe futile!

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Part 7. In a drunken state, they finally arrive by mysterious means.

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Do not question the Master Blaster!

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Is beer stronger than peanut butter?

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Questioning their visions of the Master Blaster.

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Part 3: beer and dumbells!

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Slide 2 of "The NonExistables"

Cartooning again.

Winding down advertising on twitter.

As of the past few weeks, I have been winding down advertising my works on twitter. They really, have little effect. This is with 2500 followers, and advertising in channels at times.

It may have brought me 2 sales, at the most. Everything else, was just the great experience of meeting people from all around the world.

This is not to say that I may or may not put in a future plug, but as for now, I have sort of gotten out of the realm of advertising. My style of advertising, was obviously not working. My product, was obviously not huge enough to catch the big fish.

Truly, I do believe you would need a 100 thousand followers to make a little dent in the message, and getting sales out. I could be 80 yrs old by the time that happens. To late, twitter, and you already put the limit at 2500 just a few weeks ago.

That sort of soured the whole experience for me. Besides that, not much new. Part 3 polished off a bit last week, adding more humor to it. Part 4 as well, but will try to write Pa…

Are you a cog in the wheel?

Are you a cog in the wheel?  Are you a tooth in the gear?  Do you make things, happen, or help to make them happen.

There are allot of people that can do some quite, magical things. They are what I call uniters, balancers, or sparks.

Uniters bring people together. They bring people who have ideas, that can produce an end product. Balancers tend to keep things balanced, making sure that things run efficiently and smoothly. Sparks are those who have the ideas that may come to the meeting of the united.

I would say I used to be a uniter. Now, I function as a balancer.

Spark, maybe through my books.

What are you. A balancer, a uniter, or a spark?  I bet you are all three, in one form or another. I remember being a uniter when asking the guys over to play a board game in my early teens. I remember being a balancer at work, getting things efficiently done. A spark, well, the books.. Like that.. Just like that..

No news on the books, till next time..