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The Sheriff settles things out with Mattpluck...

The Sheriff then began to reload his colt 45 "I got you surrounded! Come up with your hands up, but please let me unload another six shells into your house! I love firing wildly at things, hell, you just never know what you may hit! Do you guys got prizes in there if I shoot one of your chickens out here that are laying around? A chicken bouillon, maybe?"

Mattpluck got off of the floor and stuck his head straight out of the window "I do not got enough money to fix up this farm, you trigger happy law enforcement worker, probably out here working through a foreign exchange program, or what not! Do not shoot, we are heading out with our hands outspread like the great bald eagle of this here land!"

The Sheriff got up, and dusted off his shirt, and rubbed his belly. He still kept his gun held in  his right hand, ready to shoot "Come on out, you band of pork bellied pen hoarders!"

Mattluck, Minanola, her poodle, then Thundernose came out of the house with relative caution. The Sheriff took off his smokey sunglasses and began to laugh at the gang of misfits he was possibly about the apprehend.

"Listen here, you boy. How in tarnation did you guys blow a hole in the Route USA # 1 highway here near this run down funny farm of yours!"

The four were in line now, as Mattluck pointed to Thundernose, who was just alongside of him now, standing 40 feet from the law enforcement officer. "This here super pouch, did it. Dug the hole out, then slung the pipe to make a new silo to put in his dog food. The gross, wet stuff, that is. Tell him, thundernose"

Thundernose sat there, and just howled out a "woof, woof".

The Sheriff reached for his cuffs from the left side of his belt "Oh, I see. Well, your tractor over there looks a little small for the job, but, I would say you could have done it within a good few days of work"

Minanola shouted "Sheriff, I have known Mattluck for only 10 hours now, and I must say that he hardly works! He gets up at 2 pm, and it takes him 2 hrs to get to the fields to plough.."

Mattpluck laughed "That is not true, Sheriff, I am a hardly working man, that is for sure, and I"

The Sheriff cut him off "Stop it. Get in here these dang cuffs, you young cout you!"

Minanola shouted "No, please Sheriff, our dreams were just starting to come true... Will you have some deep fried eggs, shaken baken bacon, and blown dried toast to boot!"

The Sheriff put the cuffs back on his belt. "Well, that sounds some delicious... Sure I will have me a plate, before I take this cow lick hairstylin dude back to the county jail for some whippings!"

She ran in and made a heaping plate of delicious breakfast. She then ran out the door, with some steam funneling out of the top of the door exit. She gave the plate to the Sheriff, who began to eat.

"Never ate an egg before that had the yellow blackened. Green, sure.. But, some delicious..." Mattpluck and the rest had their faces turned towards the Sheriff now. He pointed to Mattplucks farm house "Is that there 100 foot flames I see coming out of your house, there sir?"

Mattpluck turned and screamed "Nooo! My house! My base of operations! My whole stash of cracked comic books was in there!" he fell to his knees...

Minanola then thought "I only had the eggs boiling in that grease at high heat... I am sure that that would never have caused any fires or anything"

Thundernose, who decided not to be a superhero dog this time, let it all burn to the ground.

To be continued..


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