Another 4 on 5 star rating ( no review) for part 3

Another 4 on 5 star rating, no review, for Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy.

This is a welcoming sight, as there was not many ratings coming along for the longest time.  This one came from a lady from Australia, and much thanks goes out for that rating.

Today, I wrote another 5 to 6 pages of Part 4.  It is developing really well. I honestly did not have the time to do some writing today, but when having the ideas as strong as what I had them over the past little while, I had no choice to write about them, or risk losing the ideas along the way.

This is the most difficult time for me, as it stands now. Not much time to do anything, work, and not having the money to finish Part 4 properly.

I will do it up, probably as an unedited version, in Kindle format.  As this is the least expensive way to go, with the series now.  It is not my first choice, but sometimes in life, you have to go with the second choice when situations deem it necessary. At least it will be available, for those who truly like my style of writing, and humor.

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