Montreal! Montreal! Montreal- Library, that is!

Currently happy to announce that my 3 books, the total of the series, are available on the Library system in Montreal!  A person who really wanted to read them up that way, said that since I am a Canadian author, that the books should be in a true Canadian Library!

I cannot think of anything truer than Montreal! Montreal! Montreal-  Library that is.. I am not talking about Les Canadiens, their prestigious hockey team! The most successful hockey team of all time!

So if you live in Montreal, check it out on your way past any Library system in the city! The citizens of Montreal are lucky today, and thanks for the Libraries good work in the acquisition of these star players!

* If you are from Montreal, pass the word along-  Please give me a few reviews, on Amazon, or wherever you may do your reading.. And thanks...

Till next time.


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