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Been sick for awhile.

Caught another flue bug a little while ago, and still under the weather currently today. Coughing, nearly non stop at times, and this is what I usually get every 2 to 3 years, or sometimes more frequently. My family physician was booked for the next few weeks, so I took a trip to another doctor at a walk in clinic.  There, the usual pulse rates, temperature, and what not were taken. Listening to my lungs with a stethoscope, hearing the wheeze of a mild congestion. Not pneumonia, just a little congestion.

The coughing was not a severe as the first day I got the bug. I would cough nearly non stop, and even could manage a half hour of sleep every so often during the night. Laying down seems to exacerbate the coughing, and even last night, as the cold weaned off from its massive thrust, I still coughed every few hours at a time when laying down.

What I tried this time, was Robitusin cough medicin, and tylenol "cough" tablets. The mucus did come up, and it was white. This was rare, as for the last few times I had this sickness, a dry, heaving cough would produce nothing. This worried me at times, as in the past when much younger, signs of mucus meant that the lungs were cleaning themselves out-  so I thought. I was relieved to see the mucus was not colored, yellow, or green.

The doctor prescribed symbicort, and said I did not need the bricanyl (sure I did not spell that right), as the first does pretty much everything- reduce inflation, and speed the recovery. They say to take that before when coughing just begins, or begin to take it when the lungs feel wheezy, or out of breath at times.

I will take the Symbicort again, to see how it fairs out. Many times in the past, the remedy was antibiotics 80's, and then Predizone (may have spelled that wrong), that cleared out the cough just two years ago.  As we know, the doctors prescribe those two at last resort nowadays.

This and other things have kept me from working on Part 4, and finishing it off. Very busy this summer with many things going on, commitments, and what not. If Part 4 does come about, I expect it to be a Kindle only version, on Amazon, as I cannot justify another paperback book without many sales.

Until then, I will be battling this cough... Till next time...


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