A Valentines day every woman dreams of!

Valentines was just around the corner, and Grethinka was thinking of how wonderful it would be to meet her Valentine this year at the annual slug and chew event, hidden deep in the beautiful Ozark range. There, the most popular chew and slug event would be held, somewhere in the mountains in a forest of deep celestial beauty.

There, contestants would chow down on a heavy plate of all you can eat wings, and drink beer until they could do no longer. The winner would win an all inclusive vacation to the Eiffel Tower in beautiful Paris.

She was sitting across the picnic table from the last man that could stand up to her voracious appetite. Rugdebuttox. Thousand watched in awe, to see who would end up being this years chew and slug champion!

He called for another plate of extra steamy hot wings, as so did she. Only, Rugdebuttox let out one howl of a burp, with so much air pressure, that it stopped Grethinka from finishing her next plate of wings that was just dropped before her. She loved the hot, saturated spit moisture laden, intense bbq breath of the man sitting across from her. Her hair tossed and swerved in the massive blow of hot air, emitting from that overloaded stomach of churned up wings!

Immediately, their eyes met just above the last wing bone that was placed atop the mighty pile of discarded bones. Rudgebuttox had beaten her, but in a show of humility and a bit of compassion, he manufactured a portrait of the Mona Lisa out of chicken bones, then laid it out there on the table for all to see.

Rudgebuttox grabbed her heart, and began coughing, as he smiled at her.. She was choking on a delayed  wing piece that was lodged in her throat. She liked to swallow bones, but this one got badly lodged in her esophagus.

Immediately, he got behind her and placed his two hands around her big belly. He thrust inward, doing a poorly placed heimlich maneuver, with mighty blows, until the wooden picnic table broke where they both rested their mighty weights upon... He broke her sternum in the process, but she was breathing very well now. The passageway was freed up!

He fell on top of her, as the picture of the Mona Lisa had now a moustache under her lip, with the chicken bone that flew out of Grethinka's mouth. She touched his face, as he lay over her. The both, kissed...

Grethinka then yelled "Another plate of chicken wings, mussels, and a keg of beer for each of us, please! What a real artist!", she exclaimed....

Thus, the Valentines dream of finding a true love, really came true, for Grethinka... Both were headed to the Effel Tower now, to Paris! So it can for you too, if you really believe!


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