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Ropio the rooster escapes from his Antarctica observatory.

The Chinese had come for the scientists... At the Antarctica observatory. But, they had forgot about Ropio, the Rooster.

He had crowed, many day and night, in his little 4 by 3 foot cage. Finally, he made a wild run from one side of the cage to the other, causing it to tip onto a high speed record player that some weird scientist forgot to unplug from the socket outlet.

It caused the poor bird to be spun round, and round, until he flung through a argon gas filled window into the outside of the warm enclosure.

Ropio was now feeling a sudden chill in his feathers. He was alone.  He began to walk for a few thousand feet, until he seen a few thousand penguins just below him.

"Oh, great. A bunch of penguins. They are my less intelligent, distant cousins. I will go slide down this hill and proclaim myself their great leader. They obviously will take me in, and find me a safe place to live until this freezing weather stops!"

He slid down the bank, as Pocko the Penguin, who was their chief, stopped the crowd from moving. "Whoa there, Penguins. It appears like another left over science meal has landed on our doorstep. We will just have to allow him to tag along".

Ropio, on reaching the head of the line in front of Pocko, gave out an admirable "Cookadodle doo". Pocko shook his head, "What is wrong with you, you crazy Rooster? No one here thinks anything of you crowing like that in our vicinity"

Ropio proclaimed "I was forgotten by my masters, back at the lab for snow ball logistics. We were trying to design a more faster, more aerodynamic, snowball. But, unfortunately, this minus 50 weather froze the head scientists underwear to his nuts, and when he tried to take them off, a thin layer of skin began to..."

Pocko the penguin then yawned "Enough with you trying to wow us with your high tech stories, Ropio. It is just not going to work. You are going to have to follow us, if you want to survive"

Ropio followed the crazy penguins on their march... He asked many times, why are you guys going so far... And for what crazy reason?  Then the penguins stopped in one place, and allot of soft, romantic music began to play.

Ropio then understood, him being a big stud like he was way back at the observatory. "Oh, wow". He began to get close to Pockos woman "Cockadoodle doo", he yelled out to the crowd.

Pocko the Penguin gave a boot in the rear to Ropio which caused him to fly over a hill and down near the Chinese ice breaker. There, he would be saved. Finally, Ropio heard Pocko's echo from behind the snow covered hill "Cockadoodle you can shove your crown jewels!".


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