Wrapped up some pennies today..

Wrapped up some pennies today, what I think will be the last time I do so... Then I began to think, do any of these things have value?  I counted from 2011 to 1964 in a straight line, the pennies that I had amassed. I had a few in the 50s, and a very rare few in the 40s... Nothing after that..

I went on the page, on coins and Canada-  http://www.coinsandcanada.com/coins-prices.php

There, I seen a 1955 penny at a value of 600 dollars, for a special type. I do not have that penny, darn the luck. All the pennies upward into the mid 60s, can fetch sometimes for a dollar or so. 25 coin pieces from the 60s could earn you 5 bucks a pop...

And then there are those who look for the date when they stopped putting real copper in the pennies. Copper maybe worth more than the penny, itself... The melt value could be double, of that of the penny. It is said that in 1996 the Canadian government stopped using copper in their pennies http://o.canada.com/news/national/gaining-currency-one-cent-coin-gets-some-new-uses-but-you-cant-melt-it-down/. In the USA, the date was 1982- http://coins.about.com/od/uscoins/f/copper_to_zinc.htm.

So, go through your pennies... Check the dates... And to make bricks of copper? Of course, the law, far as I know so far, does not allow for the melt down of pennies.. But, a person must think that over time, as the years go by, they could be worth something as they become rarer and rarer..

No news on the book front... Till next time..


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