Remembrance day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Remembrance day, and around this area their has been a great "poppy" movement to get the poppies out to people everywhere. In many different convenience stores, around the area, the poppy tray stood at the exits of many of the local stores. Old men, but some younger cadets, did a great service in trying to raise money for the veterans of many wars. The poppy fund, in all intents and purposes, is exposed to go to help veterans in need.

I made a donation and bought a poppy several weeks ago. Sometimes I would forget to put it on, as it clung on to a certain jacket in the house, and would feel somewhat guilty for not putting it on. These days we are so busy with affairs, that I forgot to switch the poppy over to my other jacket. I would pass by the stations, still donating money, and just acknowledging that I had one home, without taking a poppy from the tray.

Some members of my family who were WW 2 veterans, were asked if they needed money from the poppy fund many years ago. They refused it, as they were lucky enough to have their health at the time. Now, this money can go for power chairs, electric scooters, food and shelter, and many comforts for hospitalized veterans...

So please donate, to this worthy cause... Till next time...


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