Thank the readers for the great star rankings!

The other day I had received another 5 on 5 star rating for the newest addition to the series, Part 3.

This is the second 5 on 5 star rating to be had so far, with someone who gave it a 4 on 5 star rating a little while back.

This gives Part 3 a 4.67 stars on 5 rating, the same as my highly popular Part 1, which stands at 4.67 stars on 5 star rating. Hopefully, Part 3 will entertain the masses just as good as Part 1 had done. Part 2 has a star rating on five currently at 4.4 on 5, which I am truly thankful for also.

When you read this blog, you have to understand, that I have to ask the question. How can all of those star ratings can be wrong?

I went to a Chapters Indigo store a little while ago while in Fredericton, N.B. on some business that was going on there. I was impressed by the new titles coming out, and seen a young man checking out some books. For fun, I passed him one of my book cards. He asked, what is this? I explained to him that I am a writer, and that if he liked that sort of genre of book, he may or may not want to check it out. First thing he asked, is it good?, and I told him to check the ratings on Goodreads. They speak for themselves, and that I had rarely a bad rating on this system. Most are 5, to 4 on 5 ratings for my books.

But just in this little passing of a few minutes of time, I realized how hard, how incredibly hard it was to sell a book. And it brought me to mind about a little tea shop in the area, how they gave me free samples of their tea. I am not a big tea drinker, and was headed over to Chapters Indigo to get a Coffee Late. The samples of ginger, and rose tea were good, but as I told the salesman, I was in the mood for a coffee. That I would possibly try his tea at a later date. I could tell he wanted to really sell me a tea, but it was not to be.

So in that strange sort of way, I can understand how hard it is to sell a product, as yours truly may not be back to Fredericton for several months, before I buy a tea. The world rolls in strange ways..

Till next time...


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