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Part 3's contest has done fairly well.

Part 3's contest has done fairly well. It is winding down to the last 6 days of this contest, to win a free copy of "The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium".

I have well over 560 contestants, which may eclipse my Part 2, which had approximately 640 contestants.  The difference here is the amount of people who have placed it for a future read. So far Part 3 has garnered 238 to read,  while my old Part 2 could only attract 80 or so people to read the middle novel.

This contest did not do as well as the others, but it averaged around the 70 % upper range in the level of books, so I think...  There is no way a self published book can do as well as the traditional paperbacks, unless you are very lucky.

I will try to look for a fall book fair of sorts, around the Atlantic Region to go to. If not, I may even try to go to the New England states to look for a book fair to sit my book down at.  This is an avenue that I did not explore yet, and it is one that I should not leave behind. With my luck, I probably missed them all.. Usually summer is the best time for a book fair, but I will have a glance around to see.

It would be nice to have a signing at the local Walmart here.. They probably would never accept me.. But, then again, my book is listed on their internet book page...

The prognosis so far is a little better for my writing career, but not totally yet. I really need an approximate thousand readers to even break even to do a Part 4. I nowhere have near close to achieving that number, in real, actual quantity. Problem lies also in the amount of readers that say they will read the book, is that they have several hundred books ahead of mine to read. Thus, it will take me several years, maybe 10 or more years, to gain any net sales... Too long of a time to wait for a small cheque to arrive at the mail..

Have to go now, my apologies for the fast writing... Just got off of night shifts...

Till next time..


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