The Synopsis of Part 3, Supermarket Dominium.... Finally here!!!

Who could you count on, if the police, military, and the village shaman could not save you from an impending doom?

"The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium" is the zany continuation of "The Supermarket Guy" series.

The story starts off with a business as usual atmosphere, until sales begin to drop off dramatically at the supermarket chain. With no apparent reason given by his wisest advisers for his supermarket's chain slump, the CEO Harold Wannapus, heads home to do some left over yard work.

Little does he know, his old rival Jon Acadou has the answer to his sudden misfortune and unpopularity. Breaking out of a maximum security prison, he finds Harold trying to beautify his near zoo like yard. Both men must now team up together to stop Acadou's powerful son, and the Edmundo mart from totally dominating the world. This fearsome invincible team has its own ups and downs. Harold blames Acadou for several near death experiences on his fumbling along the way, but reluctantly turns a blind eye as the two combine forces to save the planet from total destruction!

Along the voyage, Harold receives special sheep powers that help him along in his voyage. Will these special sheep powers be enough to give him the gusto to stop the diabolical plan set out by Edmund? Or will he just 'bah' himself lowly into the herd?


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