Canada Day today!

Happy Canada Day to everyone today! A country that is bilingual, but that is also multicultural, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a French then English colony.

As compared to American history, we did not have the huge revolutionary war, or the civil war as our cousins to the south of us can compare. We evolved probably from them, but within a British style government framework.

I would like to see Canada have an elected senate. We have an appointed one. Our Prime Minister and his government works with a majority in the House of Commons. They form policy and vote on bills versus the opposition which most of the time tears them down, but can never truly defeat a bill unless a minority government stands.

I always found our country was always a little more leaning to the left. We seem to leave people do their own thing, and not let the majority view or minority view force others into going a certain way. I think that is the way it should be, also. Leave people live the way they want to live, and keep the government in only providing services to its people- equally in part- health care, police forces, ect.

This is todays view of Canada. Or at least my view. You be who you want to be, in this land of ours. Just do not force your opinions on anyone else...  Till next time...


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