Is your reaction time on time?

Today I wanted to find out what was wrong with my Dads septic pipe. It had plugged in minus 30 Celsius weather this winter, and we had got it unplugged with steam and by breaking apart the pipe.

Just a few days ago, my Dad said his flow from the toilet was backing up at times. This had occurred for some time in the last year and a half. Since the house was old, I thought that the main vertical pipe may have sunken and caused an inability to flow to the sewerage tank.

After my mighty night shift, I decided to get up at 10:30 am like a real man and find the problem out.

I dug out the extension we put in in late February. It was just a fast fix, to unplug the line, with two little connections in between the old pipe. The old pipe is probably a mix of cast iron and some other material. Someone at a retail store said it could be asbestos mixed somewhat. That did raise my eyebrows somewhat, as asbestos is taboo these days. Only unless a top model may wear an asbestos fiber mixed with cotton bra. Then it may come back. Ok enough of the sarcasm. I am getting too much like my books now.

Anyways, I dug out the temporary splice we had connected through a ten feet segment of old piping. Then, I put the snake through. A long, steel, wire to push any debris out of the way. It went right up to the vent pipe.  Why is this line not clearing? I put a water hose up. It would only go up 4 feet, then stop. Several times I tried this, as I did not feel like digging out another section of piping for nothing.

Eventually, I dug out the other part, and found a collapsed section of piping where the water hose would not push through. I took me probably an hour to figure it out. I wondered if I was a little slow. Albeit, I did take a few breaks in between this affair of digging and ramming stuff up the pipe.

Tomorrow a back hoe will assist the operation... I hope the break in the pipe does not go any further than what I dug up.. I have a connection, and I just need to make sure the flow of the new pipe goes downwards slightly (as to maintain water with the toilet paper) to let out to the septic tank.

I figured I should have figured this out much earlier. It would have saved me allot of time, especially taking off the toilet from the upstairs in order to fish the line out up there. Oh well. I got there eventually. I know allot of people who would have gotten there before me. They were busy at other things.

Till next time.. No news on the book.


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