Have a baby now and trying to find more enviro friendly products.

A baby takes allot of work, as mothers all know. They require allot of special care, and hopefully allot of good and safe products with their growing cycle in tune.

We searched on the internet, back and forth, for products that do not emit many VOCs, or harmful chemicals. Allot of baby seats were sprayed with fire retardant chemicals, which can harm your child over time. We tried to avoid this, by buying products that were rated safe by baby eco websites and such.

The only thing, when you live in a little area like we do, the choices are far and few between. Some cribs do smell, as it may take 6 months to get the smell out from the wood.  While the crib may have an eco friendly label, it may not be made out of solid wood, and the paint may still contain harmful VOCs.

We are looking into a few cribs made with solid wood, but it may take 2 months to come in when ordered. There is nothing quite local, as this can create some hassles as well. Some press woods may contain glues that emit harmful chemicals over time.

Buying second hand cribs is not a bad idea. Mostly all of the VOCs and glues, would have emitted their harmful chemicals by then.

Well, time to go crib searching... Be back later..  


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