Focusing on the cover page below for Part 3.

The book cover for Part 3 is fascinating in many ways. Here are a few things that I can pick up from it, right away. But, you say you are cheating, you are the creator, and so I am on those two counts :)

1. The first thing is that the book cover is a real scene from the book itself. It is over exaggerated, just like most book covers are done.

2. The threats are real. The dangers are real times two. Maybe 3? Jon Acadou is holding on for dear life, and so is the self proclaimed hero, Harold Wannapus. Is that a nuclear sign on those rockets? Egad!

3. What is that growing between Harolds bum cheeks???? He has the mane of a sheep! His hair color has changed to sheepish color!

4. Maybe the sheep does have a major roll in this book? Is it a heroine?

5. The sun setting with the stars finally appearing probably tells us all that things maybe coming to a head or an end.

6. The plane tells us of the powerful forces involved.

7. The African desert is just below them? Is that the Mediterranean sea just north of them. Europe to the far north? That is an action point in the book as well.

8. The little man above on top of the "M" is for mushroom cloud, created by a nuclear explosion as set off from a small device.

9. The pants coming off of Mr. Acadou, Harolds grip on the sheep, Edmunds grip on the sheep suggests something is worth saving here. But just what?

10. The white inside of the letters suggest a purity, or a state of oneness. I think everything is coming together now.

Till next time...


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