Time was not that good yesterday to complete more work.

Had to run some errands yesterday, as I only finished 15 pages of the third draft up.  A little less progress than the other day.

And this morning, I have to report to work for some training of some sort. These kinds of things delay my progress in such a way that perhaps only next week, the third draft will be complete.

But from there, it will be ready for editing by a company I choose, then production. I hope things go well until then.

It is going to be 30 C today in Northern NB. Forest fires are ravaging the Kedgwick area of New Brunswick. I heard on the news they were thinking of evacuating the town. We hope today that the fire department and Natural Resources can get things under control. This is brush fire season, but with the lack of rain as of late, the fire departments in several locals of the province have been very busy.

We are expected to have rain in the coming days... Till next time..


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