Some people have good memories.

Some people have good memories. Some people have bad. This goes for life experiences, and also just in doing the fair simple thing of remembering things.

I have a hard time to remember important dates in my life. Peoples birthdays, or just simple things that happened several months ago. Of course, there are important memories that do stay entrenched in a persons mind forever. Times at a special moment, a place, which seems to stay cemented there over time. I seen on television on an episode of William Shatners "Weird or what?" where some people had the ability to remember everything, right up to the minor details. Just like a video recording of the events in the past. It was truly amazing to see that.

I am wondering if it is because of this fast paced life we now lead. So many distractions. When people talk to us, there is usually a tv, radio, or something in the background to perhaps not allow it to sink in.

Personally, linking this to my writing, if i get off track a few months, I need to read my whole material over again to see what I missed in order to see what needs fixing again. I usually write down on a paper pad, the things that do not link up or things that are lacking in one of my works.

Tomorrow I will decide what avenue to go with Part 3. Throughout the whole process of writing, I must admit I find that I did not have a great deal of luck finding a multitude of editing people around my area. I may do it locally, or go through the old tried and tested way.

Till next time.


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