When you leave something behind.

The other day,  I forgot a bag of dog food one of the major food stores in Bathurst. I called back, to see if the staff there would have saved it or placed it somewhere.

To my surprise, she looked through her "forgotten list" of items left behind by rushing shoppers like myself. I have a funny feeling that I may have forgotten it underneath the cart when loading the top items into my vehicle. Oh well. I usually forget something at a store, every 3 rd year or so.

The reason being, of course, is probably the rush factor. We are always looking to get out of other peoples way as fast as we can. I think we all have to just slow our paces down by a few seconds, and to reorient ourselves with our own business transactions a little better.

Today i will look for an editor, in the local area. This is what is now truly impeding my progress with Part 3.

Till next time, have to go, someone wants me to rush again.


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