The Baby birth process.

I took an 8 hour course a few weeks before preparing for the birth of our newborn. It had to deal with the pain alternatives for women (laughing gas, epidural, being the most common).  What the man had to do when at the mothers side. Hold her hand, coach her breathing, as when a contraction comes they breath in and force counting to ten. If the contraction continues on, exhale and start the process over. Sometimes this was done for 3 times during my wives labor. Then telling us we may have to spend a few nights at the hospital together.

The other half did a tremendous job in giving birth. The doctor (s) would not give her an extra dose of epidural. She suffered tremendously, and said it is a pain she would never forget. Perhaps the moderation has to do with losing to much feeling towards the lower body. And the ability to sense the contractions, may fade away a bit. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seemed those were the main reasons for the let off of the epidural feed rate. Also, perhaps the effects it could have on the baby too.

It was an approximate 18 hour ordeal. At first the full moon, a warning from a relative that it could happen tonight! Water broke an hour and a half later from the call, and off to the hospital to start it all off.

Then came the work to do in assembling all of this baby stuff. Crib, bassinette (what the heck is a bassinette?), changing table, and figuring out the car baby seat and its latches and hookups.

The hospital stay was the worst. Don't get me wrong, the hospital workers were super. Just that in a small, tiny, private room there is not enough room for anything. The wife sleeps in her own electronic gadget bed, that lifts in any position known to man. I slept on a saggy, droopy, fold down cot. People travelling down the halls at any time of the night. Kids screaming (not their fault), and we know it is not the peoples fault either. Our baby was screaming through the night at times, too. Not much can be done about this, unless sound proof rooms are built. Enough check ups on the wife and the baby, to rob anyone of any good sleep period.

But I was so tired, I slept pretty much through the night. I truly do not know what help that I did gave my wife at that time. Just emotional support, perhaps.

Signing papers. Given a name. File for the government for social security number, and whatever small cheque he may receive from the government.

Now all the check ups that are coming. Mostly weight, to see if the baby is actually gaining weight with her feeding. There are still some hurdles to clear, in the next few weeks.

At home now, peeing in diapers. Checking the color of the stools. Making sure, that he is on track to grow.
Putting milk in the fridge and dating it.

We are just getting our lives back on track today. The washing machine, has never stopped doing its work yet. Oh, many of you who read this blog went through it, and went through more than this. I know... It makes for a great rewind, now doesn't it?

I can't wait until he starts drinking beer with me.. Till next time...


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