My take on the book business so far.

This was exposed to be the month I would have began publishing "Supermarketdominium",  part III in "The Supermarket Guy" series. Unexpected low sales results, has pushed this on the back burner for quite awhile. When I say unexpected, it is because everyone things their works are good. It is because you created it, and we all think the same until the final tally comes out from our friends and neighbors.

In my case, not so much the criticism. Out of 15 reviews, I only received one stringing one and one other not so bad one. The rest of the reviews were great.

The only thing I can think of, as a main problem that  might have had over the years, is probably the main launching point. Part 1 was the slowest launch in history. I did not have any contests, being green to the whole business. Even Part 2, did I only learn how to do some contests in the end, just to get some reviews in. Others will say that you should have a contest out even before the book arrives in print. I have seen this done on many sites, and wondered how a book ready for 2014 can have a contest out in 2013! Great marketing skills.

The launch point is an important point. Without that, you are just more or less relying on a Bieber following to occur.  This is a rare thing to happen right now, and as far as I am concerned I am an unbielieber.

Great pricing can help you sell anything. Something that I was afar from, as Amazon wanted a slice, and so did my Book Publisher. I questioned why do they take such and such a slice, even unable to lower prices on my kindle to a point where I would have liked to see a 2 dollar book come out. The others would not take a cut on their end, either.

Marketing was the other problem I had, as I discussed many times on this blog. No exposure, no front page news. The old media of radio, talk shows, are probably still the best outlets out there for you. The internet, social media, is slow and charged with other peoples ads. Who is going to think your ad is better than another with a small, tiny description?

And, you know where I stand on the brick and mortar type stores. For a guy like me, it does not offer me any advantages. To drive to urban areas, spending a few hundred dollars to sell a few dozen or so books is a hard path to travel.  I can see the advantages that authors have in New York City, or in Los Angeles where there are bookstores located in every square 2000 feet?

I will still try some different things, but as of now, "Supermarketdominium" is on the shelves with the Roswell file.  Did it really exist? Till next time..


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