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My take on the book business so far.

This was exposed to be the month I would have began publishing "Supermarketdominium",  part III in "The Supermarket Guy" series. Unexpected low sales results, has pushed this on the back burner for quite awhile. When I say unexpected, it is because everyone things their works are good. It is because you created it, and we all think the same until the final tally comes out from our friends and neighbors.

In my case, not so much the criticism. Out of 15 reviews, I only received one stringing one and one other not so bad one. The rest of the reviews were great.

The only thing I can think of, as a main problem that  might have had over the years, is probably the main launching point. Part 1 was the slowest launch in history. I did not have any contests, being green to the whole business. Even Part 2, did I only learn how to do some contests in the end, just to get some reviews in. Others will say that you should have a contest out even before the book arrives in print…

Another plug and chug!

Listed below are my two humor books links from!!!

If you click on the individual books on Goodreads, a wonderful site by the way, you will see all the reviews for each book as posted by the reviewers.

You cannot go wrong,  if you buy my books, expecially on Kindle!  4.00 is the price of a coffee at Starbucks,  and it will make you feel light and funny in the head!

Now, if you go through my cartoons on here,  you can get the gist of my humor.  There are approximately 100 slides posted on this site for your free viewing :)

Just had to put in another plug and chug.... Do not ever throw in the towel :)

We are only human. We need each other to straighten out our thoughts.

We see it often in life. In time. People who never fail to impress us. Maybe it is your Dad. Maybe your mother. They do seem to be wise, and know just about everything. Well, there is a pretty good reason for that. They have experience, wisdom, and they seen allot of things in their time.

Pretty hard to buck the old man, but I do remember of one instance when a pump was not pumping water from a cistern. He and his grey haired friends, kept putting water into the pump. The pump would just not pump. Right away, I spoke up at a youthful 19 years old or so and said it is your foot valve that is probably stuck open.

"No, no no that is not it my boy",  came the answer from my elders. Who was I to question their years of experience in time. Usually, I was wrong. Usually, I kept quiet during these times when my superiors fiddled with their projects to keep things running smoothly. After fiddling with pressure switches, tank pressure, they finally looked at the foot valve. It was, s…

To Blog, Draw, or put up some Dog Video?

Recently I have been having some thoughts about this blog. What can be next, for it, and what is the best direction to take it in.

I know allot of my friends said I should just continue blogging, or writing, typing, any or other ordinary or out of the ordinary events that pop up. Another part of me would like to continue with the cartoons, but I did not receive as many hits as when writing on here. People drive, our decisions in life when we are creating stuff. That is truly the bottom line. The cartoons on this site (approximately 100 slides to look through) carries the story from the back to the front, and is an insightful look into what could have been way back in the early 90s if this cartoon was picked up by a syndicate. If that was the case, this cartoon would have had 10s of thousand of slides.  I guess they knew what they were doing to reject it, thus far. It was a cartoon that was not probably acceptable for a news paper.

Or, I could go another 180 degrees into another realm…

"The Nonexistables" Rolling credits for Series "A"

Cartoonist-  Daren Doucet                                                       Main actors- Gaudrat (Unshaven cat)
                                                                                               Main actors- Goupie ( Nerd but cool)  
Editor-  same as above                                                        Main actors- Beerthoven (Hot recording artist)
Story writer- same as above

Makeup- Blune Mudmaster
Wardrobe-  Shiek designs
Music- 84 th harmonica symphony

Sponsor- Planet of Uraneous

Support -  Pushkin Doucet

Refreshments for staff-  Beer

Part 54 A: A song to bring about world peace!

Part 53 A: Anyone can become a Legend at any age!

Part 52 A: This thing ain't over yet???

Part 51 A: The Goat milk starts to flow!

Part 50 A: The innocent must be repaid!

Part 49 A: Inspiration can come from the least expect places!

Part 48 A: The truth does not hurt real men.

Part 47 A: Finally the local authorities take over!

Part 46 A: Leave that toilet seat up, woman!

Part 45 A: Do not let her get away!

Part 44 A: The outlaws are out in the open!

Part 43 A: Where are those bullets coming from!

Part 42 A: Thank goodness for toilet seats!

Part 41 A: CPR can save lives!

Part 40 A: A new trend setting chain!

Part 39 A: Some special heartfelt words...

Part 38 A: One strum of a guitar can break a thousand hearts..

Part 37 A: The last time together, lets sing a song!

Part 36 A; He will be busy rebuilding his barn, to busy to chase Beerthoven!

Part 35 A: Blow up his barn, his livelihood, that outta fix him!

Part 34 A: Misguided Vengeance has existed since the beginning of times!

Part 33 A: Time to Rock N Roll!

Part 32 A: The gang parties through the night...

The Gang partied on throughout the night, right until the morning broke. Beerthovens wife insisted on him not to touch the tuning of the guitar, as it would be present to him on stage to sing his would be new hit song "Goats Milk". In striking the chords in one motion, it would register with a precision listening device geared to pull a trigger of a gun set to the center of the stage. Acousticman and his wife would inherit millions, as the precision listening device would self destruct thereafter. The blame could be laid, at the Goat farmers feet.

The two heroes had decided, on what they were going to do that afternoon when headed to the Madison Square Gardens. They would take their bazooka with them, and learn this Goat farmer a lesson he would never forget. In taking their precision laser guided bazooka, they would light up his barn like fireworks on the fourth of July. Then they would probably flip him the bird. It would make him so scared, as to never threaten the singer …

Part 31 A: A night of festivities before the big show!

Part 30 A: Beer before signing in front of millions?

Part 29 A: They practice into the wee hours of the night!

Part 28 A: Keep your promises.

Part 27 A: They are multi talented!

Part 26 A: The show must go on!

Part 25 A: It maybe all coming together now?

Part 24 A: Fountain of Youth? Try beer, at least it makes you feel good!

Part 23 A: Quick, he is alive, cancel that payout on that insurance policy!

Part 22 A: Enough of the pretty stuff! Get down to business!

Part 21 A: That one hard to find song can bring feelings into your soul again!

Part 20 A: Something kept out of a dire consequence can prove to be a lifesaver later on!

Part 19A: Watch out for the Ricochet!

Part 18 A: Falling objects from the Sky, can happen at anytime...

Part 17A: Weren't they sent to protect the guy?

Part 16A: Oh, that is where you keep your dynamite!!!

Part 15A: Sometimes being skinny is not an advantage.

Part 14A: Go with your gut!

Part 13A: Beer cans on head, must be a rockstar above you!

Part 12A: There has to be a point, to it all!

11A: Any old plastic bag in a sewer pipe will do!

10A: It is easy to become a chameleon!

Part 9A: Security is mighty tight, these days..

Part 8A: Must avoid too much attention, no passports on this trip!