Winding down advertising on twitter.

As of the past few weeks, I have been winding down advertising my works on twitter. They really, have little effect. This is with 2500 followers, and advertising in channels at times.

It may have brought me 2 sales, at the most. Everything else, was just the great experience of meeting people from all around the world.

This is not to say that I may or may not put in a future plug, but as for now, I have sort of gotten out of the realm of advertising. My style of advertising, was obviously not working. My product, was obviously not huge enough to catch the big fish.

Truly, I do believe you would need a 100 thousand followers to make a little dent in the message, and getting sales out. I could be 80 yrs old by the time that happens. To late, twitter, and you already put the limit at 2500 just a few weeks ago.

That sort of soured the whole experience for me. Besides that, not much new. Part 3 polished off a bit last week, adding more humor to it. Part 4 as well, but will try to write Part 4 up, even though it may never be published.

Just put on a CD, for storage. It does not look good at the moment, and the deadline for production is fast approaching (I always produced my books at the end of January)...

Till next time....


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