The Nonexistables origins.

The Nonexistables were actually at one time, called, "The Wise Ones" and they paraded through the Persian Gulf, seeking justice and living on a moderate salary if any, just taking nothing but the satisfaction of being heroes after every job was accomplished.

These two characters were drawn out in my grade 9 class. Then, after my drawing skills got better over time (now they are rusty, i must admit), I sent it out to the Los Angeles syndicate for to try to get a spot in a newspaper.

At the time, they were too radical, too out of place with the days comics. And, with thousands of entries per month, it did not look like my cartoon was going to go anywhere.

Remember that these comics below follow each other in unison. Bottom to the top. Also remember that these comic strips are first strike only. Means, that it has to be major errors for me to correct them. I just go with a liquid pen, and hope for the best. I do not lightly draw, then draw over my light drawings with a pen again.

I hope you enjoy them. Till next time.


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